Prevent the Great Resignation From Happening to Your Company: 4 Tips

PHOTO: Roth Melinda | unsplash As we wind down the final weeks of 2021 and look toward the new year, many of us are wondering the same thing: “What lies ahead?” While none of us can predict the future, one item should be at the top of every company’s to-do list: employee care. Why? Your […]

AirPods 3rd generation fall to $139 — lowest price of the year

Apple’s AirPods 3rd generation buds are among the best wireless earbuds to buy. The AirPods 3 release date was not that long ago and now you can snag them for their cheapest price yet.  Currently, Amazon offers the Apple AirPods 3rd Generation for $139. Normally, they retail for $179, so that’s $40 in savings. This […]

Why Good Document Management Systems Are Still Key to Enterprise Success

PHOTO: Adobe The role of legacy technologies in the remote and hybrid workplace is often overlooked in the rush to introduce new technologies. One of the most widely used and deployed technologies over the past 20 years has been document management systems. While investment and spending on technologies is largely focused on the cloud or […]

Dell XPS 13 touchscreen laptop gets $350 price cut — free next day delivery

The 11th Gen Intel-charged Dell XPS 13 Touch is the best overall laptop to buy. And thanks to Dell’s holiday event, it’s not too late to save big on our favorite machine. For a limited time, you can get the Dell XPS 13 Touch for $1,049 via coupon, “50OFF699”. Typically, this laptop sells for $1,399, […]

Which Is Right for You?

PHOTO: Kazuo ota | unsplash By now we know that customers not only prefer, but expect a personalized experience that delivers what they want, when and how they need it. Anticipating and delivering on customer needs can make the difference between business growth and losing customers to competitors that provide a better experience. While marketing […]

Our favorite Blue Yeti USB mic is just $79 — ships in time Christmas

The Blue Yeti Nano is the best USB microphones to buy and makes a great gift for creatives. It delivers professional quality sound for podcasting, Twitch streaming, voice-overs and other vocal recordings.  Right now, you can get the excellent Blue Yeti Nano for $79 at Amazon. That’s $20 off its regular selling price and one […]

New CX Expectations in 2022? LinkedIn the Next Intranet?

PHOTO: GRAFStock What new waves of customer experience should organizations be riding in 2022? Why are email newsletters important? How can AI improve Customer Data Platforms and customer experience? Meanwhile, we are looking into what traits and skills are needed to conquer marketing in 2022. Quick, Catch Me Up: The 5 Customer Experience Waves You […]

Wonder Woman game: Release date, story, gameplay and more

DC games are arriving in droves, from Gotham Knights to Suicide Squad, and now we have Wonder Woman, developed by Monolith, responsible for the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor games.  Wonder Woman was recently revealed at The Game Awards 2021, so we don’t know a whole lot about the game just yet. However, we have […]

The Weekly Customer Experience and Marketing Newsbyte

MParticle, a customer data infrastructure company, has announced the addition of Data Subject Rights (DSR) Forwarding to its feature set. The company wants to make it easier for organizations to respond to data subject deletion requests. This builds on the company’s Data Subject Request features. Users of the platform can automatically forward erasure requests to […]

How to clear Google Chrome Autofill data

 Google Chrome’s autofill function is a helpful feature that has been around for as long as the browser itself. Most of the time it works perfectly, but there are other moments where it can be frustrating — such as randomly filling out boxes on sites you’ve never visited, or saving incorrect details like past addresses […]